Feature Rich!

Fully Secured

Security is our priority and we take security very seriously. with world class infrastructure, and measure to ensure secured platform along with encrypted information using HTTPS connection, you can rest assured about data breach, or data leaked.

Lead Management

Direct Import your leads or add source of your leads to better understanding your campaign. Prioritize your customers to serve them better. work closely on leads with “list view” and “Kan ban” view to understand your lead status.

Income Management

Send proposal to get clients on board immediately. Create and send Estimate to get it approved. Create beautiful looking Invoice and send it directly to your clients at one click. Track your Proposal, Estimate and Invoice at one place to know which is overdue and which is converted.

Simple yet Powerful!

Cloud Based

From your Income management to Project Management, From your contract to Lead management and from your files to surveys – Everything is on cloud and that means your data available whenever you want, wherever you want.

Support System

Provide world class support to your customer with easy to use and easy to maintain Support System. Assign team members and see their previous replies to avoid probable confusion.

Project Management

All your projects details on one place. Make sure your team is on the same page with your goal. Assign task to team members and view their progress. Set your billing type from Fixed rate to hourly rate and view your time sheet at one go.

"Very professional. You get more than you need. its truly all-in-one app. "
Sachin PorkuteFreelancing Architect
"Fantastic! I can manage my projects, log in to time sheets, and at the same time my clients are on the same page. Truly Fantastic."
Rahul VermaFreelance Consultant
"Amazing! This app takes care of almost everything. After using this app, I get time to think about different strategies. and with this App I always have idea of status of project or due invoices."
Srikanth NeheteOwner - Stockist
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